Item# 612524

Product Description

ColorGraphics AGP GT4 Video Card


Support for low-profile format

Support for quad screen LCD/CRT output at up to 2048x1536 per display

Support for quad screen DVI output at up to 1600x1200 per display

Support for dual screen TV output in NTSC or PAL (TV adapters sold separately under Accessories)

128 MEG SGRAM total with two VPUs (64M per VPU)

Chipset ATI Radeon 9000 (More details about the ATI Chipset)

High performance 3D/2D graphics engine

4 Cables and 4 DVI to VGA adapters included

OS support for 2000 or XP

OpenGL v1.5

DirectX v8.1

Linux drivers available at www.xig.com

MultiHead independent video driver support on Windows 2000 or XP (task bar on 1 monitor)

MultiScreen video driver support (single display head across multiple monitors) with XY overlap

MoverTM Window Management software enables easy window placement on the MultiScreen desktop

SetArray configuration software for easy driver setup of MultiHead and MultiScreen

SmartTech System, with SmartBoot, SmartSwitch and SmartSet

Active cooling with a fan and custom heat sink

Flash BIOS interface for easy upgrade

PCI cards are revision 2.2 compliant and PCI 66MHz compatible (3.3v)

Stackable so you can install 2 of these cards in the same computer for a total of 8 displays. Or see our Xentera GT8 (8 port video card)

Model# 612524